What’s your secret? The Lure of the Lure


I’m sure that there is not one angler out there that will not totally understand what I am going to say about one of my favorite items to go shopping for. Lures! We all know what it’s like to go into our local tackle store and become totally overwhelmed with all of the varieties of fishing tackle that is now being made available to us.


Do you remember when one aisle of lures would be enough and we were still able to catch our fish? However, we were wrong and the manufactures are now out to prove it to us. We now have choices, so many choices. I now call them my Lure de Jour. I have a different lure for each day of the year and more. Sometimes even in three or four colors.


Lures have become hot! They not only have hooks to catch our fish, but they have the hooks to drag us down each aisle. We are all in search of finding that one special, you know what I mean… this is the one, I can feel it, I know it’s going to catch fish, Lure!


Since I have spent many hours in a tackle stores investigating, comparing and purchasing what Looks Hot for the season I can guarantee to you that somewhere in my tackle box now sits that secret lure. At least I hope it is and sure hope I got the right color.


If it attracts us, well it must attract the fish, Yes? Well actually No. Just because we found the colors interesting or thought the bait was just to pretty to leave behind, doesn’t mean that it’s actually going to catch anything more than the one fish that is buying it. Yes that’s you, or me.


The end result is and always will be how many fish it’s going to catch and how big. I know that I want to be coming off the lake showing the boys my shopping trips were well worth it.


We all know that we are searching to find that secret bait. We want that special lure that will guarantee that we catch the biggest fish. We want the one that will prove to everyone that we deserve the title of angler of the weekend. Aren’t we all weekend warriors in search of the ultimate prize, the bragging rights, and the right of passage?


The bait companies have made sure that they challenge us. They have created and recreated baits for each species, water color, depth, season and any condition that they believe we may encounter. They tempt us with more each year, bigger, better, more colorful. We also know how difficult it has become to sort through the rows and rows of plastic and rubber thing a ma jigs to find that special lure that says,


“I am going to catch you a big fish”.


They have made in every color under the rainbow some form of eye catching fish design ready to be tied to the end of your fishing line. The lures are painted, metal and plastic some with holograms shimming and calling our name. “Look, I will fool that fish, I promise” or “If you just try me I know I can catch huge fish.”


I wonder many times if I may have left the Best lure still in the store.


After the weekend of using some of my new baits, I am mostly disappointed. If I had only picked up that other special hologram version in the passion purple, I just might have caught myself that trophy fish. Darn, next time.


“I’m going to catch You a Big Fish!” Ha, do you sometimes wonder if that Lure is actually saying … “I just caught myself a big fish! As you head to the cashier.


Maybe those Lure manufacturers are sitting back laughing at how many fish they caught.


All I know is I can’t wait to go back shopping again. I am sure now that I would have done so much better with the purple passion. Darn. Next week.